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Here are what we have currently. If you sent your logo and it is not in here please resend it and put LOGO SCREENS on the subject.
Make sure your logo is READY TO PRINT WITH TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND. Make sure and tell me if you want it single color (WHITE) or full color.
ORIGINAL POST TEXT: We need at least 10 people for it to be $25 per person. If we have a little less then it would be between $25-$30 for 100 screens! This is for full color!
The single color would be $15 for 100 screens. SINGLE COLOR WILL BE WHITE .

Max 3x3 for horizontal (websites, group names, logos that are horizontal words only)
Max 2x2 for round, square, triangle etc. logos (for shaped logos)

I do just my website normally URBANELMCO.COM. I do mine 2.5 inches long and it is perfect. That is the one I showed in the live.

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